Serenading Grandma

Meet my 106-year old Grandma. My dad, on fiddle, and his friend stopped by to play for her today. I learned that my great-grandfather played the fiddle. After the camera was off, I also found out that Grandma used to play the slide guitar. What’s really crazy? I recorded this on my phone and Grandma …

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Writing Excuses 5.22: Film Considerations

While I was in Utah I joined Dan Wells and Howard Tayler, of Writing Excuses, for a conversation with Dave Wolverton about movie considerations and formulas. Dave explained the three-act structure to us, and we talked about how this applies for transitioning stories to the screen. As always, you can listen to this at Writing Excuses …

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Video: Thriller on the ukulele

Rob is listening to Jake Shimabukuro’s live album and his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller just came on. Oddly, it makes me more aware of the musicality of the piece than all the zombies did.

Portlandia: The Dream of the 90s

I just ran across this video which I sort of love because it pokes fun at Portland with so much love. Watch it and if you live here you’ll know exactly what I mean. Apparently it’s promoting a t.v. series called Portlandia.

Photos of Christmas 2010 plus a snowball fight

Today was absolutely lovely.  In this order, I sat by the fire, opened presents, played in the snow, napped, ate leftovers.  There was some cleaning involved as well, but it did little to diminish the pleasures of the day. Why cleaning? Besides the carnage of the wrapping paper, thirty-three members of our extended family came …

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