Serenading Grandma

Meet my 106-year old Grandma. My dad, on fiddle, and his friend stopped by to play for her today. I learned that my great-grandfather played the fiddle.

After the camera was off, I also found out that Grandma used to play the slide guitar.

What’s really crazy? I recorded this on my phone and Grandma remembers when they didn’t have a phone. Talk about living in the future.

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5 thoughts on “Serenading Grandma”

  1. OK, I know you must be eager to get home, but when will you ever have another opportunity to attend a 107th bd party?  Her energy level is just so amazing.  Please give her (and your folks too) a squeeze from me

  2. also, love the detail that they could have square dances at home, but were not allowed to go to “the public dances”

    p.s. your new system seems to ask me to sign in every time I comment-

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