The lost “Dr. Who” cold open

If I have to explain why this is made of awesome, you probably won’t appreciate the video. I will forgive the bunny’s lipsync because he amuses me. (hat tip to Chris Hansen)

The Guild’s “Game On” Bollywood video

How did I not know that The Guild had a new music video that combined my love of The Guild and Bollywood? People, you are supposed to keep me apprised of such things by linking repeatedly to them. That’s what the internet is for. See? Here it is!

Introducing the Shades of Milk and Honey book trailer

There’s more information about the novel and the people behind the traler at I will shamelessly ask that you pass that link around to anyone that you think might like it. Meanwhile, I thought you might like to know a little about how the trailer is made. We’re using a style of puppetry called …

Introducing the Shades of Milk and Honey book trailer Read More »

Emma Thompson pretending to be Jane Austen

Due to the delayed flight, I am once again ensconced on the porch of Merrie Haskell’s lake house and working on revisions to Glamour in Glass. While I am thus engaged, allow me to present to you Emma Thompson’s speech at the Golden Globes when she pretended to be Jane Austen.

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