Video: How to give an effective reading

While I was in Utah at the Superstars Writing Seminar, I did a very fast version of my “How to Give an Effective Reading” workshop.  I do this talk at conventions when I get the chance and have the text of the longer version here on the site.

BUT while I was there Stephen Nelson offered to film my presentation. Here’s part one and part two.

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5 thoughts on “Video: How to give an effective reading”

  1. This is awesome, Mary! It’s packed with useful tips and explanations on why things are done in certain ways.

    I liked the tip about having your voice bounce off the back wall. By the way, you didn’t have the audience try it because they are eating, but since they are facing a curtain, it probably wouldn’t have worked that well anyway.

    I also liked the tip about giving characters their own location on the back wall. Who knows, maybe I just really love back walls.

    The narrator voice without emotional investment reminded me a lot of NPR news.

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