Writing Excuses 5.22: Film Considerations

While I was in Utah I joined Dan Wells and Howard Tayler, of Writing Excuses, for a conversation with Dave Wolverton about movie considerations and formulas. Dave explained the three-act structure to us, and we talked about how this applies for transitioning stories to the screen.

As always, you can listen to this at Writing Excuses 5.22: Film Considerations but you also have the rare opportunity to actually watch the episode too.  Moses Siregar III of Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing filmed us as we chatted.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Excuses 5.22: Film Considerations”

  1. I first discovered you and your work when you first appeared on the Writing Excuses podcast in August of 2009. I’ve enjoyed your occasional appearances on it since. Usually, I listen to the podcast while doing other things, like endless laundry, but it was fun to actually SEE one. And of course, seeing one with you in it was a nice bonus. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this.


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