An Interview with Wil Wheaton about Audiobook Narration, Writing, and Acting

I recently had a chance to sit down with the wonderful Wil Wheaton in an interview put together by Audible. Wil and I had a fantastic time talking about audiobook narration, writing, and acting. You may listen to the interview in its entirety here:


0:00 – Introductions for Mary Robinette Kowal and Wil Wheaton

1:04 – How an acting and performing background lends to success in audiobook narration

3:29 – How two puppeteers work together (being the right hand)

5:30 – The experience of acting on stage or with puppets

7:46 – Recording a high-quality audiobook performance with just your voice, and without your body

9:52 – Standing versus sitting for audiobook narration

12:06 – Embodying characters… for the long haul (and a special character for Mary Robinette)

13:49 – Collaborating to bring characters to life, and how this poses a challenge when recording our own work

16:52 – How recording Mary Robinette’s own work, herself, becomes part of her proofing process

19:08 – The perspective we have of our Author selves and our Narrator selves

21:13 – How much we listen to audiobooks for enjoyment, and how much we listen for professional development

23:46 – … or how much we listen for “what if this happens?” and storytelling

25:54 – Mary Robinette’s favorite narration compliments

27:14 – Speaking of compliments, Wil is grateful to Mary Robinette and her writing instruction

27:48 – No one creates alone

29:00 – More compliments! Mary Robinette loves Wil’s writing and creative process

30:33 – Wil is enjoying The Spare Man, and here’s what Mary Robinette wants people to know about the book

32:24 – Where you can find our books

32:32 – Here’s what Wil wants people to know about Still Just a Geek

35:25 – A neat perk of writing in first person narration, and how that relates to writing memoirs

37:22 – The importance of the relationship between an audiobook narrator and director

41:48 – The hilarity and frustration of audiobook narration bloopers

43:30 – Falling asleep during narration – a myth?

46:25 – Audiobook narration is hard and tiring and wonderful

47:17 – Weird audiobook narration trivia and how surgery for a deviated septum changes everything

50:46 – Mutual appreciation, goodbyes, and where to find Wil and Mary Robinette on Audible

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