Photos of Christmas 2010 plus a snowball fight

Today was absolutely lovely.  In this order, I sat by the fire, opened presents, played in the snow, napped, ate leftovers.  There was some cleaning involved as well, but it did little to diminish the pleasures of the day. Why cleaning? Besides the carnage of the wrapping paper, thirty-three members of our extended family came for the 54th annual Christmas Eve dinner.

Mom and Dad live in the house that Dad grew up in, Woodthrush Woods. Yes, it’s a named house. My grandfather built it.

I grew up in Raleigh, N.C. but since both Mom and Dad are from Chattanooga I’ve always come here for the holidays with only three Christmases missed.  You’ll forgive me for continuing to mention this, but today was my first white Christmas.

Here are some photos and a video, mostly for our family, but I figure you won’t mind it if indulge in showing some of the snowy fun.

Rob, my niece, and my nephew in a snowball battle.  As my brother said, “What does it say about my parenting that my children are happiest when someone is throwing things at them?”

This is the most fun I think Rob had this weekend.  Clearly, he fits in well.

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