Cats and Dogs, living together! Video of how Harriet met Nick.

For Valentine’s Day, allow me to introduce you to the budding love story between our cat and the dog upstairs.

Our neighbors were going out of town so we offered to take care of their pets while they were on their trip. Two cats, one dog. Our neighbor stopped by with Nick, the dog, to ask us a question and we invited them in. We were a little curious about how Harriet would behave with a dog, since we’d never seen her with one. She’s a friendly animal, but we did not expect her response. Not by any measure.

She was curled up on the couch and when Nick came through the door, Harriet jumped down and ran up to him, mewing like he was her long lost best friend. She rubbed against him. Followed him. And the purring…

The video below is the third time they’ve met.

Love at first sight. It’s so hard. Every time she’s thrown herself at him, begging for attention. Poor cat. He doesn’t even know she exists.

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4 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs, living together! Video of how Harriet met Nick.”

  1. Aw, so cute. I think Harriett must have had a very similar dog companion in her past life. Doesn’t it look like she’s happy to see someone she’s been missing a very long time?

  2. Look at that tail! She’s in loooove.

    When my family lived in South Africa we had a wonderful German Shepherd hwo fell in love with a cat my parents brought home. He used to carry her around by taking her entire head in his mouth and running about, usually trampling on her tail and hindquarters. You think she’d hate it but she’d come to him and stick her head right up there, waiting to be carried.

  3. Harriet, dear, I know how you feel. Those tall blond hunks can be very full of themselves, real dogs, you ask me! I am sure there is someone out there for you, dear. Perhaps you could start with your own species and work out from there?


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