Make Me Write

a community for writers who want to spend more time writing.

Writing is often thought of as a solitary task. Unfortunately, motivating yourself to write consistently, without the support of others, can be daunting.

The truth is, many people’s brains don’t work well in isolation. Coworking, collaborating, and cheering one another on lead to far more words on the page than writing in isolation.

If you’ve ever sat at your computer, staring at your work in progress and wishing the words would come, you’re in the right place.

Build a Consistent Writing Practice for Yourself

Make Me Write was created to carve out a space for writers who want to build a consistent writing practice. This program forces you to create a dedicated time in your schedule to generate new words.

Designed to trigger the four building blocks of hyperfocus (Novel, Urgent, Interesting, and Challenging), this group meets once a week for a focused, two-hour writing session. Between writing dates, a private Discord channel is available for ongoing conversation.

Meet Your Host: Mary Robinette Kowal

Make Me Write sessions were created because I needed them myself.

As an author with ADHD and depression, who has spent the last few years mired in various emergencies, losses, and pandemic-era stressors, I found myself struggling to write.

Like many writers, the words simply did not flow. After some investigating, I realized that I didn’t need to try harder. I needed to learn to work with my brain instead of against it.

The simple truth is that I work best when I have others working alongside me. And I know I’m not alone in that. So I created a space where writers could gather to carve out dedicated time for their craft.

How Make Me Write Sessions Work

Our weekly, two-hour Make Me Write sessions begin with a setting of intentions. You have the option of either working on a current project or tuning into a provided prompt.

Once intentions are set, 90 minutes of writing begins (with periodic breaks built in).

The final 30 minutes are set aside for Q&A and discussion. This is a great opportunity to talk through the writing process or your stumbling blocks.

Beyond the two hour sessions, Make Me Write participants also receive:

  • A one-on-one call with Mary Robinette Kowal: When you join, we’ll spend 20 minutes talking individually about your goals and barriers, then set a plan that works with your brain and life.
  • Private Community Channel: Continue the conversation between writing sessions within a private area of Discord, where you and your fellow writers can connect.
  • Monthly Writing Class: Learn more about a specific topic directly related to the craft or business of writing.
  • Quarterly Book Club: Meet the authors and ask them your questions (examples of guests include Fonda Lee, John Scalzi, and Liza Palmer)
  • Class Archive: Access to a 70-hour-and-growing library of recordings of writing instruction, expert interviews, and author discussions.
  • Monthly Q&A Session: Get more clarity on your process by bringing your specific writing questions to this monthly Q&A.
  • Access to public live classes about the craft and profession of writing, at no additional cost
  • Access to the Lady Astronaut Club: This Discord server is filled with writers and readers and nerds of all types, and is the kindest place on the internet.
  • Exclusive Lady Astronaut Swag: After three months in the Make Me Write community you’ll receive an exclusive Lady Astronaut Club hoodie and mug.
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