Schticker discount, the place where I had my laptop skin printed, has offered to give the readers of my blog a 10% discount. So if you want to do your own mod, enter KOWAL at the checkout. In other news, I’m doing a test run with another friend’s laptop and if it goes well, I’ll be …

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In Salt Lake City

Move to NYC–Day 1 We have arrived safely in Salt Lake City. Alas, we had to cancel the dinner with friends because, even getting up at dawn, we still didn’t arrive at Beth’s until after eleven pm. Meanwhile, you can click on the photo above to look at an album–unlabled–of the past two days. Things …

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Loading day.

In a half an hour, Rob and I are biking off to pick up the moving van. I’m puttering around, packing all of the random things that somehow didn’t get into boxes. But, really, we’re pretty much ready for our wonderful friends to descend on the house and help us load the truck. I think …

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We just returned from dinner out with Bob Bates, one of Rob’s friends from Hawaii, and our friends Don and Yan. The meal was wonderful, as always, and it was great to catch up with them. However, at this rate, I will be exhausted before we hit the road. So, in the interests of self-preservation, …

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Beeper to signal new life

My nephew just sent me this article from the local paper about one of his friends. They’ve known each other since my nephew was five. Asher McGirt and his mother, Janet, have unusual summer plans: They’re waiting for the sound of a beeper. The beeper, when it vibrates and bleats, will signal that a set …

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Farewell Iron Chefs

Is that right? Why isn’t the plural Iron Cheves? Last night we went down to the Celsi’s for an Iron Chef reprise potluck. We’d all wanted to do another Iron Chef battle, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Eve reprised her Potato battle samosa dumplings in cardomon carrot sauce. Don brought his amazing, amazing …

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I invited a whole bunch of puppeteer, theater and crafty friends over to help clear out the basement of ten years of puppet making supplies. It was so much fun; I felt like Santa Claus and a saleswoman at the same time. My favorite moment was when I pointed out the cape from Beauty and …

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Spinning wheels

Today was one of those odd days where I did a lot, but felt like my wheels were just spinning. I did novel revisions, had lunch with Ken Scholes, ran errands, went to the coffee shop and actually wrote, and cleaned the basement. Yet somehow, I feel like I got nothing accomplished. Why is that?

Our route to NYC

If you are curious about the route that we are taking to get to NYC, I’ve plotted it out. It meanders like that because we are stopping to visit friends and family on the way to NY. The only night we have to pay for lodging is the night we stop to visit Mt. Rushmore. …

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Finished recording

We recorded the last of the chapters for the Subterranean project today. Rob still has to finish editing it, but my end is mostly done. I’m a little worried that we may have to go back and re-record some of the Spaniard’s lines in the pre-Ricardo Montalban chapters for consistency, but hopefully not. I am, …

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Our motorcycle trip

I confess, this mess with Audrey II is making my head spin enough that I don’t have the energy to give you a blow by blow of the motorcycle trip. But I did promise a picture, so ta-da! The short version is that I enjoyed the trip. We have nice friends. The passenger seat of …

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Heading to the beach

Rob and I are joining a bunch of his wine industry friends at the beach this weekend. Yes. We’re riding out on the motorcycle. I feel like such a biker chick.

My first motorcycle ride

To refresh your memory, while we were in Iceland, Rob bought a motorcycle. Through the vagaries of customs, the thing didn’t actually clear said customs until about four months after we left the country. Lovely. So Rob has a motorcycle in Iceland which we’ve never seen. He’s also been shopping for motorcycle gear, so we’re …

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