Yard and friends.

I did some yard work today, including planting the raised bed/wine barrels in the front yard. Rob went down to the studio to edit Christmas Carol. And Don Dougherty stopped by for wine and cheese. It was nice to see him. The weather was so nice that we actually sat in the back yard. Lovely. […]

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Happy New Year!

Or Happy Bris as a friend of mine pointed out. Although the calendar is supposed to date from the birth of Jesus, it actually begins eight days after his birth. Why? Because–being born into a Jewish household–that would have been his bris. Interesting, no? In any case, Rob and I woke up late this morning.

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Book Sale

Rob and I went to Powell’s City of Books to sell the books I sorted out the other day. We got $86 for half of them. The other half we carted home. Actually, we carted them to the end of the block outside Powell’s and set them down so Rob could fetch the car. While

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Making the Christmas rounds

Rob and I went around to various friends’ homes to drop off cookies that he had made and some Bethel Heights wine. After we finished making our social calls we saw A Series of Unfortunate Events which I had high hopes for, because I love the books. Sadly, the movie is aptly titled. The production

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Merry Christmas!

Last night Rob and I incorporated one of his family’s traditions into our Christmas. We discussed whether we would open the gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning. They do this every year, so we merrily discussed the relative merits. Breaking with their tradition we decided on a compromise. We opened the gifts from his

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Once again, I have no pictures

The party was a grand success, but I didn’t even think about bringing the camera out. Eve contributed a lovely salmon, part of which I’m going to make into an omlette this morning. Sue brought hummus, olives, smoked oysters and… there was something else yummy on that plate, but I can’t remember what it was.

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Starting later

I didn’t have to come to work today until 4:45. Steve and I joined a group of the cast at Culture House for brunch. Afterwards we went shopping for groceries (ooooh) and came to work. We were going to go the Blue Lagoon, but there wasn’t quite enough time to fit that in. I’ve sent

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Pat just forwarded two photos of Rob that a friend of his, Cliff Watson, took while he was visiting during harvest. Rob tells me that he’s shaved the beard off for his new passport photo. This is my favorite. Cliff has somehow managed to make a cold, crowded, dark room look warm and romantic. But

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Last night, after we wrapped, there was a huge screening of two of the new episodes. They set up a big movie screen and projected the episodes for two hundred people. It was a mix of people from work and their friends and families. They had fruitplates and cocktails to add to the festive excitement.

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