Dinner with David Autrey

Our friend David Autrey, of Westrey Wine, was in town selling his wares for the past week. I had not realized exactly how much I missed the wine geek conversations that were so much a part of our life in Portland. David is what we call a serious techno-wine geek. He can not only tell […]

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Tell me about yourself

Cat Rambo had this on her site and, you know, I’ve longed for just this sort of thing. I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. (Some I know too well. You know who you are.) I read your journals, or we have something

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Fun with Jonathan

Hmm…. which to tell you about. Tempest Build, Day Four or that I actually had a social life? We’ll go with social, because that is rarer in these parts. Friday night, our friend Jonathan invited us out with him to see Aimee Mann’s Christmas show. Now, I sort of vaguely knew who Aimee Mann was,

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Rob and I, despite invitations to spend the day with friends, are staying at home today. What am I thankful for? That the nation comes to a halt today, which gives me time and license to spend the day with my husband. I also sent off an email to a man I’ve been meaning to

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Ken Scholes visits

Last night’s build of the dog went much faster because Ken Scholes was in town and visited me in the studio. He is one of my favorite people and getting a chance to just yak away unto the wee hours was great. Plus he had brandy. He’s got his view of yesterday up on his

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Just deserts

We always talk about villains getting their just deserts, but would about the good guys? I mean, when a friend has worked hard, has talent and then gets what he deserves, shouldn’t he be allowed just desserts? I like desserts ((Yes, I know it uses the other spelling, but “just deserts” gets this pronunciation.)) ;

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Auditioning for the Met

Today I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Madama Butterfly. Their production uses a bunraku-style puppet for Madame Butterfly’s child. This style of puppet normally takes three performers and they were casting understudies; the principals were pre-cast. First of all, receiving an email which says, “go to the back of the Met to the

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Happy Birthday Dad!

You’ve seen him in the comments as -d- but my dad is so much more than a couple of hyphens and a lower-case letter. He is exceptional. So, to celebrate his birthday, I’ve got a thing I want you to do. There’s someone in your life who is exceptional. Tell him or her that that.

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Hold the Quechup

I wasn’t going to blog about this, as I somehow seem to be one of the few people who haven’t been caught, but… I would like to make certain that my friends and family who haven’t been invited to the plague know to refrain. The short form is this. If you get an invitation to

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Fab Brunch

Our friend, Fabulous Girl, came up to our neck of the woods so we could go out for brunch. After we finished a tour of the apartment, we decided to stay in. I’m generally happier cooking than going out, so that worked well for me. I made a beet green and black olive tapénade frittata,

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