Jodi’s in town!

My friend Jodi is in town for his sister’s graduation. We only got to hang out about an hour today since he was on his way to see a show. Today was Last Thursday on Alberta St., so we walked and looked at the funky art. I swear, there was a group of musicians on …

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Welcome Baby Ellsworth!

My dear friends Chrissy and Spencer Ellsworth* have just delivered their first child. Spencer says she’s eight pounds, very pretty and somewhat purple. Mom and baby are happy and healthy, Spencer is a nervous wreck. Spencer had his laptop in the room while he and Chrissy were waiting through the thirteen hours of labor. Periodically …

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Wine Geeks in Action

I’m in the kitchen cooking. My husband is on the phone with his friend, Wayne. He says, “Yeah, we did some barrel tasting. They’re really slutty right now.” I stopped what I was doing. “Did you say ‘slutty?’” He drops the phone long enough to say, “Yeah. Like California wines. Big, cheap, flashy… you know, …

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Cleaning the basement

One of the chores to do before we move is to clean out the basement. This is my workshop, so I have ridiculous quantities of puppet making supplies down there. I haven’t had to be selective in years and now, suddenly, I do. I’m sorting things into the categories Take, Store, Give Away. My thought …

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Norwescon: Friday

I arrived safely and Chrissy took me off to get sushi before we met up with Spencer and went to the convention.  As I suspected, I’m running into loads of friends plus meeting new and very interesting people.  Alas.  It is late and my brain is mush so I’m going to go to bed rather …

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Lazy, lazy me.

We had a very relaxed day today. I wrote for a bit until I felt the need for a nap. Then we went out and had udon at Rob’s favorite udon restaurant. He took me on a drive up a very long, very winding drive up a ridge, but I can’t remember the name of …

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Wine geeks in action

My husband and his friend stand in the kitchen talking about wine. I’m typing and I hear his friend says, “It’s a little dumb on the nose.” This makes me laugh. It’s not quite as good as the time someone sniffed a glass, looked intently across the room and said, “I smell stress.” I wondered …

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The nicest friends

Today was great. I had birthday greetings all day long, from friends online, family calling and getting to hang out with people I adore. Emily and I spent the day making monkeys, which was so fun and so satisfying. You know how good it feels to do something that you’re good at, especially when it’s …

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Happy Birthday to me!

I’m 38 today. Yay! And on this day in 1587 Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded. Coincidence? I’m going to treat myself to massage and then go out for Chinese food with a bunch of friends.

Hugo/Campbell Nomination Deadlines (DeepGenre)

Hugo/Campbell Nomination Deadlines (DeepGenre) The deadline to submit nominations for the Hugo Awards and for the John W. Campbell Best New Science Fiction Writer Award is not until March 3, 2007. Plenty of time. However… in order to nominate someone, you must have either been an attending or supporting member of last year’s WorldCon in …

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