In Salt Lake City

Move to NYC–Day 1

We have arrived safely in Salt Lake City. Alas, we had to cancel the dinner with friends because, even getting up at dawn, we still didn’t arrive at Beth’s until after eleven pm. Meanwhile, you can click on the photo above to look at an album–unlabled–of the past two days.

Things we learned today.

  1. The truck goes about 60 to 65 mph, except up hills, then it goes 30, if we are lucky, for an average of 50 mph.
  2. Marlowe, the cat who escaped outside last night, today exhibited signs of having kitty agoraphobia. He spent the first part of the day with his face pressed into the corner of his cage. He’s doing better now.
  3. Maggie thinks that being in the van just means that she gets lots and lots of laptime.
  4. Salt Lake City is much farther away if you can’t go 75 mph.
  5. Weigh stations are not very exciting.
  6. Wild fires make great sunsets.
  7. Idaho roads are very bumpy.
  8. Bumpy roads will cause the ferring guard to break on a motocycle if you are using it as an anchor.
  9. Motorcycles are heavy if you have to tip them back upright.
  10. When buying bottled water, make sure you select bottles with lids that screw on instead of ones with a bottle cap.
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10 thoughts on “In Salt Lake City”

  1. Thank you for the update and photos. Your report was comforting. Driving a big rig cross country is not a piece of cake, is it? Take care!

  2. Maggie looks very comfortable, at least. She has a little park on the dashboard!

    Sorry you got a late start. I hope our stuff wasn’t responsible for forcing the truck change.

    Mom was disappointed she didn’t get to see you. She had a travel basket for you… but you probably don’t have room for it anyway.

    We have good weather. Keep heading for the sunrise!

    PS. I’m heading up to the O’Neill today.

  3. Hadn’t noticed this till I looked at the slideshow, but the clues were there from the start… The “Budget” slogan on the side of the smaller truck is ” Moving up in truck rental” While on the larger one is painted “The better move”.

    Glad all is well otherwise, (with the exception of the ferring guard). Hmm, that must have been quite a sound, the bike toppling while the truck sped along at 35mph…

  4. Pop especially enjoyed the picture of Rob on the cardboard beneath a caption “Do not drop”…and “your HOG has arrived.” Was that accidental or deliberate? No matter…amusing!

  5. Hi momk, I took the photo of Rob passed out by the curb… “do not drop” was a happy accident.

  6. If you go through weigh stations, and the tare weight (is that the correct word?) for the
    vehicle is known, than the remainder of the total weight must be the exact weight of your ‘treasures’ Correct? How much approximately are you’schlepping’?

  7. MomK: We’ll check the weight next time we go through, though we haven’t had to since leaving Idaho.

    Rick: If only we were going through Denver.

    Maggie: I remember this from my years touring Idaho. It’s much, much more noticeable in a big truck.

    Chris: We are making better time in the flatlands, but it is dull, dull, dull.

    Jodi: Good to see you here! I think the real culprit was the combination of books, vinyl records and the amazing, compact packing job. Oh, and pottery. All of these things are heavy. Also, I am jealous of you at the O’Neil.

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