Blickensderfer No. 9

For his birthday, I gave Rob a Blickensderfer No. 9 which is a really ingenious machine. Although it was built in 1893, it might remind you of the typeball on an IBM selectric. Pretty cool, huh? It’s at the repair shop now getting a cleaning, so you’ll have to wait to see video of it …

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The Rag (show)

The Rag (show) is a weekly puppet video blog with very short (like 45 seconds), funny pieces using “wayang xerox”* to hit some topical subjects. This week? An iceberg discusses global warming. *I promise that makes sense and is funny to a puppeteer. Wayang kulit is a style of traditional Indonesian rod puppets, they are …

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Jed Hartman for SFWA President

As many of you know, I’ve had some doubts about Scalzi’s bid for presidency of SFWA. While other candidates have announced their runs, I haven’t felt comfortable with any of them. Finally, there’s a candidate I can support. Jed Hartman, of Strange Horizons, announced his write-in campaign today. I think, if you read his platform, …

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My Dad’s in the paper!

There’s an article in the paper about my Dad. What’s more exciting is that they did an online segment with video, so you can actually see Dad play the musical saw. One of my favorite things is to get Dad to bring the saw out when company comes. I love the way jaws drop; people …

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World Puppetry Day

If you can, today, seek out a puppet show whether that’s a live show or something on video or film. Puppets are one of the oldest forms of theater and have had so many different incarnations, it can’t be hard to find one. You just have to look for them. Don’t know where to start? …

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Coolest rejection, ever

I just got a rejection note today which included the line, “On an unrelated note, I wanted to say great work on the Scalzi/SFWA video! Very nicely done.” Why thank you, thank you very much. Here’s another. (Yes, Eric, I know I need to add the fast voiceover at the end.)

Things to amuse you while I fly

Modern Mechanix » Puppets Made from Light Bulbs Guido Daniele does amazing body paint. See that picture of the athlete? She’s naked. (Thanks to momk for this) The Cube – An hour of experimental television produced by Jim Henson before the Muppets. (Thanks to Jeremy Tolbert for this one.) We’re boarding now.

Our Typewriters

Today Rob and I went to pick our typewriters up from Ace Typewriter* where they had been lovingly cleaned. Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to describe how much better they type than before we took them in. The sound of each machine is different, and the action of the keyboards is great. Our Royal …

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Across the 10th Dimension!

All right, I loved The Adventures of Buckeroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, but I never imagined him in the place described here. In fact, I never imagined this at all before, and think I need to go lie down now. Thanks, Sunil. That’s right, ladies and gents, your submissions to Shimmer are passing through …

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Bear Tail

I completely forgot that I’d taken this video when I was building the polar bear. When I went back in December, one of the things I wanted to do was give him a more substantial tail. The existing one hung down and was not very attractive–I didn’t make that one–so I wanted something that fit …

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Bird Distractions

I was looking for some footage of birds for a bit of research and this video of dogs came up. It is strangely mesmerizing.


So tired I hurt. Watch this video about the toque macaques, which are the monkeys that Serendib is based on. Sorry the quality is so compressed. This one is clearer, but it’s in French.


I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Rob laugh as hard as he did while watching this video of cars sliding down Salmon and 20th on our snow day. It satisfies me in some way, that the only car which successfully navigates the turn was not an SUV, but a simple sedan.

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