Plaster Repair

We had the plaster on the ceiling of our closet repaired today. Mr. Miller, the plasterer, kindly explained part of his process to me. I foolishly had the camera turned sideways, but of course, can’t play the video back that way.

Except, I found this new thing called Scrapblog, which will, in fact, allow sideways videos. There’s no fancy animation in this video, just him talking and plastering. I can embed these scrapblogs, but the video doesn’t work in the embedded version, so I’m afraid you’ll have to trot over to watch the plastering here. The finished job is very smooth, but I don’t have any shots of that.

Oh, don’t click on “Play Slideshow” because there’s only one page. Just click on the video. I find watching the plastering strangely hypnotic. Plus there’s the bonus that you get to hear what my natural, not-in-studio, conversational speaking voice sounds like.

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4 thoughts on “Plaster Repair”

  1. I agree that is extremely satisfying. I think the repetitive complex , rhythmic nature of the clopping sound of cutting new dollops of fresh plaster off the hod(?) , alternating with the scrape of application, cleaning front and back of the knife and then clop, a new dollop reminds me of some of the more elaborate variants of patty cake I played in childhood.

  2. -d-: Weird, I thought I blogged about this, but I was away when it happened, so apparently not. The roof had a small hole in the join where the gable in our bedroom meets the rest of the roof. We had a leak in the closet. Rob had the hole repaired while I was off making monkeys, but the plaster was pretty badly (as in falling down) damaged.

    -e-: I think you’re right. It’s the rhythmic repetition, but it’s varied just enough to be fascinating.

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