Bear Tail

I completely forgot that I’d taken this video when I was building the polar bear. When I went back in December, one of the things I wanted to do was give him a more substantial tail. The existing one hung down and was not very attractive–I didn’t make that one–so I wanted something that fit the bear more as a whole.

And then things went a little wrong.

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4 thoughts on “Bear Tail”

  1. Heh still interesting to see, I’ve never tried building from foam sheets. But I really want to try do you recommend the 3M-90 adhesive?

  2. Any of the three adhesives I mentioned will work. They all have different advantages The spray adhesive (3M-90) is easier to apply, especially if you have a lot of similarly shaped pieces. It’s easy to stack them, and spray the edges of all of them at once. But its working time is shorter than Barge.

    I think it’s a toss up, which is stronger when finished, with Barge somewhat in the lead. Barge is thicker and applied with a brush. It’s easier to control where it goes, but takes longer to apply. It also has a very long working time, which is handy if you are doing multiple things at once.

    Thixofix is something I discovered in Iceland, so I haven’t had enough time to know what its long-term lifespan is like. It’s significantly easier to apply than Barge, but has a shorter working life.

    All three adhesives are toxic and require a well-ventilated area or working outdoors. This is a must.

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