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You can see a video of the dog that Rob found last year, right before we went to Iceland, on Buster’s Blog. My dad adopted Buster and they seem to like each other. It makes me laugh, at any rate.

Lazy Town: From Director’s Vision to Commercial Reality

Avid UK has a number of small documentaries about Lazytown on their website. You get to see behind the scenes footage, including me! My face isn’t visible, since it’s pressed into one of the puppet’s backsides, but you can see the operating position that we work in. I was able to grab a screen shot …

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Happy Holidays

This is the holiday video greeting from a friend’s company. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Bear head

I’ve spent most of the last two days trying to solve the issues with ventilation in ways that don’t make it really unpleasant for the actors. The thing about testing to see if the fogging still occurring is that really the only way to do it is to put the head on and start a …

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The visit so far

On Sunday, Mom and I went over to visit Grandma. Besides looking forward to seeing my 101 year old grandmother, I was armed with a mission. At Orycon, someone (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten who) was talking about epidemics and how one couldn’t really interview people who had lived through the great Influenza epidemic. I realized …

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My cat, Marlowe

This is one of my two cats. He’s a mask artist. When he was a kitten I gave him one of those string ornaments to play with. He used to bite the edge of it, and it would flip, almost going over his head. One evening, as I was hosting a dinner party, one of …

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A wee bairn and the bear

One of my co-workers was in today with his kid. She’s just started walking and is pre-verbal…not sure how old that makes her. Anyway, I fast-forwarded the latest video to the point where the bear dances. She sat there and made us play that section over and over by pointing at the screen and grunting …

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A movement test

I met with the seamstress today and she’s confident that making the jacket will be easy. We talked about the need for the pockets to be gigantic to allow the bear’s paws inside. I’ll drop the bear’s body off with her on Saturday so she can make the pattern for the jacket. Here’s a video …

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Arms, beautiful arms

I started by finished stitching the gusset into the remaining arm and then inserted the boning. I pinned the arms on so I could check the range of movement with them both there. I’m pleased. My movement was absolutely unencumbered and the torso is very light. I’ve been entertaining the notion of swapping the ribs …

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Arms and Chin

Today was a good day. The weather cooperated so I was able to finish fiberglassing the bear’s chin. And behold! A video to prove it. While the fiberglass was kicking, I worked on the bear’s arms. It took me a little while to figure out exactly how I wanted the gusset under the arm to …

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The lower jaw

I did the next layer of fiberglass on the lower jaw of the bear today. Sorry, no photos but tomorrow, I should have a video for you. I’ll be heading in to the studio to finish up the arms and to saw the jaw apart. Because I need it to be a completely enclosed thing, …

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