Paper Robots!

The new They Might Be Giants Video uses paper robots in a really delightful animation that should feed your steampunk, robot, paper, animation loving impulses. It’s good. You’ll like it. I particularly like the robot gladiators. Spotted at the Paper Forest

Kill Henry Sugar, Tonight

That’s not a command, it’s an invitation. Kill Henry Sugar is the name of a band. You’ve been listening to them lately on my Coraline videos. Tonight, they have a CD release at the Living Room. (154 Ludlow St.) The band starts at 10:00 If you are in town, come join Rob and me. If …

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My demo reel

I need to update it, since it has none of my Lazytown work on it, but, at least it’s online now.

Coraline Assembly Line

There’s a certain euphonious delight happening with that title. Anyway, we are now into the part of the build where I am creating the final dolls. Everything goes much, much faster once I’ve got the patterns created. At the moment I have a pile of body parts on my table waiting for me to assemble …

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Coraline’s legs

The legs start the same was as the arms did, so we’ll skip all that and go straight to the knee joint. I glue two pieces of fabric to the back of the leg, making sure that the joint is completely snug. It is important to have things tight, so that I don’t have slop …

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Wing mechanism

Friday, I made a wing mechanism for Irina Kruzhilina, the costume designer for Mabou Mines production of Song for New York. She needed it to extend upward and unfurl like a fan. Here’s a quick video showing what I was up to.

Studio time

It was a pretty day outside, but this was my view for most of the afternoon. We were recording a new project for Subterranean, actually I should say re-recording. We have discovered that switching between a British accent and a faux Spanish accent is not my forte. I’m glad the Spanish accent is supposed to …

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Evocative combination of live actor and animation. Videos by Andrew Huang | More VMIX videosView more Indie Movies and Shorts videos | Embed this video I spotted this on Jay Lake’s blog

Plaster Repair

We had the plaster on the ceiling of our closet repaired today. Mr. Miller, the plasterer, kindly explained part of his process to me. I foolishly had the camera turned sideways, but of course, can’t play the video back that way. Except, I found this new thing called Scrapblog, which will, in fact, allow sideways …

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