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Today Rob and I went to pick our typewriters up from Ace Typewriter* where they had been lovingly cleaned. Oh my goodness, I cannot begin to describe how much better they type than before we took them in. The sound of each machine is different, and the action of the keyboards is great. Our Royal is so shiny that you can see a reflection of the keys in the chassis of the machine. Here. I’ll show you.

Now I’ve got an urge to write a short story entirely on the typewriter. One on each, in fact. Plus we have three others that aren’t here. We just dropped off a Woodstock to be repaired, our Groma Kolibra is still in a box coming from Iceland, and then we’ve got a Corona in Chattanooga. Pretty, pretty things.

*Ace Typewriter – 7433 N. Lombard, Portland, OR 97203. (503)286-2521. “This father-and-son operated shop specializes in manual typewriters, has a number of beautiful classic machines for sale, and would love to have your business. Definitely worth the short drive to St. Johns.”

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  1. I’m so glad you made this video, you CAN see the ceiling fan reflected in the enamel! Thank you for doing a “slow motion” part for the Oliver… that thing really is reminiscent of a bug, or a spider reaching around to fix points of it’s web… lovely !

  2. Great to see the typewriters in action. I’m working on building a web site for my collection of 60 machines. backspacetypewriters.blogspot.com I also post at my red electric site.

    Are you any relation to Barbara Robinette in Vancouver, Wa?

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