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Several of my short stories sold to online markets and I thought I’d list them all in one place.














In addition to those, I also have a sampler of stories that I put together when I was eligible for the Campbell award.  The challenge of being a short story writer is that much of my other short fiction was hard to find because it was no longer on the newstands when the nominations were announced. I pulled five stories out of my sales that reflected a range of the kinds of fiction I write.

You can download the .zip directory of stories or the mobipocket verision, kindly converted by Arachne Jericho.

This collection includes:
For Solo Cello, op. 12 — Originally published in Cosmos (SF)
Bound Man — Originally published in Twenty Epics (Epic Fantasy)
Death Comes But Twice — Originally published in Talebones (Epistlary 18th Century SF)
This Little Pig — originally published in Cicada (SF)
Cerbo en Vitra ujo — originally published in Apex Digest (Horror SF. Adult content)

22 thoughts on “Free Fiction”

  1. I’m happy we met today.

    I read Portrait of Ari tonight. I liked Ari – she seemed like someone I’d like to be or befriend.

    I’m the kind of woman who likes to watch the director’s commentaries, so it was fun to read the link to your original and see how the story and your writing have evolved. The published version had moments that reminded me of OSC, but I kept thinking that MZB would have loved editing your work.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Madison!

  2. Bound Man makes me feel the same way I did after reading Nightfall – wanting to read a novel or two in this world. I guess the religion thread is part of it as well – since Canticle for Liebowitz kept jumping into my head as well. Thanks for creating this!

  3. I just downloaded the prc version of the sampler. I look forward to sinking my teeth into it because I have heard nothing but good things about your fiction. Thanks again for making your work available online.

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  7. I really loved Jaiden’s Weaver! It was a fantastic setting and story, and it made me smile. Very creative. It’s really good to see someone with an original point of view when it comes to science fiction. I love reading stories about “regular folks” in a sci-fi setting as opposed to starship heroes and space battles. I’ll definitely be checking out your other work.

    Also, it’s really great of you to offer so much of your fiction for free…I wish more authors did this!

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  10. I just read your story “Kiss Me Twice” in Asimov’s on my Nook and I found it engrossing. I enjoyed it so much that I went a step further and sought out your website and am leaving you a note. This is not something I normally do. I enjoyed the Characters very much. I hope to be able to read other stories about Scott and Metta. Thank you.

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  13. i just discovered your Glamourist series, and i’m so beyond utterly hooked…

    there’s a mention on Amazon that there are short stories in this universe, but… i cannot seem to find any? the stories above [i’m still going through them] while awesome, have not been. are there shorts in the Glamourist series, and if so, where would they be? [if not, why not? i’m greedy, i admit it 🙂 ]

    thank you, so very much, for writing!

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