Harvest Party

Every year Bethel Heights hosts a harvest party for their crew and friends. It’s a delightful evening with good food and lots of fine wine. One of the highlights every year comes from Jamie Tombaugh, who tells a story. It’s a different story every year. He used to memorize a new one while working in …

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Don’s Birthday

Rob and I went to Don’s 50th birthday party, which was quite the soiree. Like Rob, Don is a serious wine geek, so there were amazing, amazing wines. Even to me, and my untrained palatte. Oh my heavens. And the food! Don had spent the past two days cooking in preparation for the party. And …

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The Harvest Vine

The Harvest Vine: “Contemporary Cuisine from the Basque Country After my audition last night, Rob and I went out with our friend MaryClaire to this fabulous restaurant. The food was so good that conversation had to stop everytime a new dish came to the table. Because it was a tapas restaurant, we had many, many …

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Guests, gardens and art

Our friend Sam Paden came in from New York. He’s got a show up at Brian Marki Gallery, which is very exciting. He brought with him the catalogue to the Chanel exhibit at the Met. Rob really wanted to go to it, but couldn’t make it. I tried to go while I was there, but …

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All aboard

Yet another Portland Spirit day. I’m biking to and from work, so that’s twelve miles a day, plus running around fetching food, so by the time I get home I’m beat. Rob and I went out to dinner tonight, thus eating a portion of my tips today, but I was too tired to cook. Since …

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Fun Party

The party at Peter and Marlene’s was a lot of fun. Sooooo much food. My cakes and cookies went over well. Afterwards I rode back into the City with Jodi and Sam. We’re going to hang out tomorrow and go to July 4th party on a rooftop. Should be fun.

Yard Sale

The yard sale was a grand success. We sold all of the big pieces that we wanted to, with the exception of the sofa. Hopefully that will find a new home soon. Afterwards, we joined the Celsi’s for some Thai food and relaxing conversation.

Friends and family

Rob and I went to brunch with our friend MaryClaire, and had great conversation ranging through politics to food to fashion. We like her a lot. After she took off, I worked on an layout for David C. for a bit he’s doing for the Portland Monthly. It was fairly easy and a ice break …

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A hot time at Bethel Heights

Rob and I went down to Bethel Heights today so I could do a little spreadsheet magic for them. Yes, in addition to being a professional puppeteer I’m also a whiz with Excel and Open Office. I’m creating a inventory tracking system for them. Afterwards the owners took us to dinner at Tina’s restaurant in …

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Yard and friends.

I did some yard work today, including planting the raised bed/wine barrels in the front yard. Rob went down to the studio to edit Christmas Carol. And Don Dougherty stopped by for wine and cheese. It was nice to see him. The weather was so nice that we actually sat in the back yard. Lovely. …

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Shanghai Cafe

Our friend Kuang Yu treated us to a meal at her favorite restaurant in China Town. The food was delightfully good.

Loooong day

Emily and I worked through the day and finished shortly before 11:00pm. I’m sitting in Ollie’s Noodle and Grill House across from Columbia University having a heaping dish of vegetables and noodles. Tomorrow, I go to Atlanta and switch gears to UNIMA. I’m beat, but Emily and I hashed out eleven of our twelve scenes …

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Mmm pie!

Those were apparently my beloved husband’s first words. No clich&#233d “Mamma” or “Dada” for him. He went straight for the pie. Not just any pie, either, but a My-T-Fine Lemon Merangue pie. We received several packages of the neccesary filling from his mother for Christmas. I made one this weekend. I am happy to report …

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Christmas Eve

What are you doing today? Rob and I were going to brunch this morning. Last night we went to David and Eve’s to for pizza-&-a-movie night, but we picked up food from My Cahn. This was the restaurant that I missed most while I was in Iceland. Mmm-mmm good. We watched Decasia which I was …

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