Guests, gardens and art

Our friend Sam Paden came in from New York. He’s got a show up at Brian Marki Gallery, which is very exciting. He brought with him the catalogue to the Chanel exhibit at the Met. Rob really wanted to go to it, but couldn’t make it. I tried to go while I was there, but had trouble.

After we visited with Sam, we went across the street to a garden party, hosted by Matt and Marietta, at the community garden. It was a delightful setting, with a live band, and fantastic food. Marietta is a foodie.

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  1. I was in NY and saw the Chanel exhibit. I must confess that I found it, though extensive, ultimately unsatisfying. There were dense crowds of women sporting whatever Chanel they owned (ranging from sunglasses or a purse to entire suited getups with all the jewelry and perfume they could lift). It is worth noting that I did not see these women anywhere else in the museum all day.
    While the pieces were beautiful, and grouped nicely,The boxiness of the displays made it difficult to view garments from various angles. There also seemed to be more pieces from very recent collections than I would have liked…maybe I was just confused by what the crowds were wearing.
    I much preffered the “Matisse and his Textiles” exhibit upstairs…


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