Maggie ailing again.

To catch you up, Maggie stopped eating again which is troubling since she hadn’t really gained back the weight she’d lost when she was so ill.  Knowing how bad it can be if cats stop eating, I tried force-feeding her this morning and that went exactly as well as you might imagine.  Taking the wiser …

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Balsamic Truffles

As small gifts at Christmas, I made homemade Balsamic dark chocolate truffles. This was my first foray into truffle making, so I was surprised by how easy they were to make. They were so easy that I decided to try another recipe from the same site that several reviewers recommended. Tasty, yes. However, it prompted …

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Wiscon Day 2

Yesterday I woke spontaneously at 9:00 a.m., which I did not approve of. I’d had so little sleep the night before, that it just seemed unfair and yet I was wide, wide awake. So fine. I got up, took a shower and eventually wandered out to the farmer’s market with my roomie Heather Lindsley. We …

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Writing Retreat Day 3

I was a little distracted today but still managed to wrap up a story and edit another. At one point, to keep from checking my email every two minutes, I headed into the kitchen to start cooking and made some Deep, Dark Chocolate cookies. Gluten free, I’ll have you note. We all trouped out to …

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In which Mary makes an accidental shrinky dink

And today, ladies and gentlemen, I learned that not all to-go cartons are microwave safe.  The container on the left, containing my lunch, and the container on the right began life as the same size.  One minute and thirty seconds later, I had a shrinky-dink.

Thanksgiving 2008

Today we took it totally easy. We’d had invitations to go to friends homes for Thanksgiving and turned them down because having two whole days with nothing on the schedule seemed much more appealing. I made blueberry walnut muffins for breakfast. Around mid-day I realized that we basically had apples and some salsa in the …

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When we had the Codex Writers’ Retreat we had a cookout one night and on another night we went out to barbecue. I had to explain to some of the guests that the two words were not synonymous. The following song will explain better than I could. Spotted at Matthew Jarpe, who clearly understands barbecue.

Burn, baby, burn

I like this recipe for cookies. What I don’t like is that my oven is running 200 degrees hotter than it should. See those cookies that look like they are completely burned? That’s how much was left on the pan after I chiseled the rest away. I don’t use the word chisel, hyperbolically. Nice, huh?

Thai Iced Tea

This is mostly so I can find the recipe again. A friend of mine gave me a bag of Thai Iced Tea, which is one of my favorite beverages. I can only have one and early in the day, because I have issues with caffeine, ((More than a half cup of coffemakes me shake, sweat …

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We have flatkökur!

Our friend Daddi is in town for a big expo and he brought us several packs of our favorite Icelandic treat. Flatkökur are flat cakes, that sort of look like burned crepes. Made with rye flour, they are sooooo tasty and I’ve missed them a lot. There’s nothing comparable here.

The trip home from WisCon

My flight was further delayed, but that was just fine. I sat down and this charming gentleman settled into the seat next to mine. I noticed that his reading material was Naomi Mitchison’s Travel Light, from Small Beer Press. Naturally, this merited comment, as it made it almost certain that he was also coming from …

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