Christmas photos.

Þor brought in the photos he took of my Christmas party. We’ll start with a picture of Steve, seriously underdressed, but then he wasn’t expecting a black tie gathering. That’s Mark Reed next to him. Caroline is in the foreground. In good Chattanooga tradition the buffet was loaded with food. We had to use both …

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Christmas Party

Steve came to Iceland to chop vegetables. Really, I just wanted to provide a Christmas dinner that was as much like the family gathering in Chattanooga as possible so my brother chopped things, swept and move furniture. We had twenty-one people for dinner, which was quite the feat in my tiny apartment. Actually the bigger …

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Rob is gone.

I am a sad, sad camper. He’ll be back in Portland at two a.m., which means ten o’clock tomorrow morning for Reykjavik time. I might be sad, but he’ll be exhausted and sad. We did get to go out for lunch today, and spent about three hours outside the building, which was great. We went …

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Thanksgiving pictures

Þor took these pictures of last night. Here we all are, as the bounty of food has been laid upon the table. And as a sample of how quickly my friends in Iceland have come to understand Rob, here is a perfect photo of him

Lazy Day at work

Thanksgiving was as traditional as one can expect in Iceland. The table was loaded with ridiculous amounts of food. The classic dishes were there, along with a twenty-four pound turkey. They let us out of work early yesterday to prepare, and brought us in late today. I haven’t worked yet, because the actors are still …

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Games Night

Jonathan had planned on having a games night tonight at his place, but at the last minute had to cancel becasue he had to stay at work editing an episode. So, we just convened at my place instead. We played Celebrity, which I had never played before. It works like this: The guests are divided …

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I work with really nice people. I was a little nervous because I’d invited thirty people over and only thought they would all fit, but hadn’t tested it. It was great; my apartment has a perfect configuration for parties because all the rooms open off of a center foyer. The foyer is fairly large so …

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That’s right, we went bowling last night. I wish I had a better photo of the building, but it was classier than any bowling alley I’ve ever see. This really interesting post-modern timber and steel construction on the exterior and hardwood floors in the dining room. Yes. Dining room. It might have been sports bar …

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Nine Hours in JFK

My flight from Portland got in at 11:10 a.m. My flight for Reykjavik doesn’t leave till 8:50 pm. I have a loooooong wait. So far, I’ve gone from terminal 4 to terminal 7, which is where Icelandair is, and then back to terminal 4. There aren’t any food options in terminal 7. I had a …

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