A hot time at Bethel Heights

Rob and I went down to Bethel Heights today so I could do a little spreadsheet magic for them. Yes, in addition to being a professional puppeteer I’m also a whiz with Excel and Open Office. I’m creating a inventory tracking system for them.

Afterwards the owners took us to dinner at Tina’s restaurant in Dundee, OR. Nice place, good food, attentive staff and one unattentive diner. An older gentleman sat in a corner by himself when we got there. When he finished his meal he got up, and tossed his napkin on the table as he left. I had time to say, “That napkin is awfully close to the candle.”

Smoke rose from the napkin and by the time I crossed the restaraunt, the napkin was in flames. I pulled it away from the candle and had this odd moment of “Well, now what am I going to do with it?” So I pressed the burning part down on the table and smothered the fire with the rest of the napkin. It had a black spot about the size of a silver dollar, lest you have visions of me holding an inferno in my hands.

The restaurant bought me dessert. I guess all the time I’ve spent building scar tissue with hot glue guns has paid off. The only concern in my mind right now is that things come in threes. I had the burning smell with the florescent lights, now a flaming napkin…what’s next?

I’m going to go check the fire extinguishers now.

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4 thoughts on “A hot time at Bethel Heights”

  1. I suspect the next thing will be a “hotfoot” or a manuscript spontaneously combusting because it’s so hot. 🙂

  2. Perhaps you should build some paper boats and set them aflame as they drift in your bath tub, just to complete the trinity…or order a flaming Spanish coffee at Hubers… or order 4 of those and comlete 2 cycles of 3…

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