Typewriters, Woodshops and Chinese food

John, Rob and I went to Kevin’s woodshop. They are just starting a new project, so kept apologizing that nothing was happening. The shop is well-equipped and has lots of tools that I’ve never seen before. And routers. I’ve seen them before, but now I covet one.

After that, Laura, Rob and I went into Albany to a thrift store that Rob is fond of called Mother Seton’s. Now, I’ll admit that I went into the store and wondered why the heck he liked it. Granted, the clothing was very, very inexpensive but the selection seemed thin and sort of run-of-the-mill. Then, as we were leaving, I spotted a case. A suspicious square case–a typewriter case. Inside rested a beautiful Smith-Corona typewriter in wonderful physical condition. It has one small flaw, the U key doesn’t work, but it looks like an easy fix. She wanted $2. Now, I ask you, how was I supposed to leave it there?

I’ll have a project in Chattanooga, so get the tool bench ready, Dad.

Airport security should be interesting…

Tonight we all went out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Although the food wasn’t as good as Shawna’s cooking, it was still a nice treat to sit down and have someone wait on us. I say this, even though the poor boy who was our waiter seemed as if we were the first table he had ever served. He kept forgetting things and then jumping like a rabbit when we asked for things he’d forgotten.

It was fun.

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