Wiscon Day 2

Yesterday I woke spontaneously at 9:00 a.m., which I did not approve of. I’d had so little sleep the night before, that it just seemed unfair and yet I was wide, wide awake. So fine. I got up, took a shower and eventually wandered out to the farmer’s market with my roomie Heather Lindsley. We acquired breakfast and discussed the relative merits of a theater career track versus a literary one as well as wondering why everyone in Madison ambles instead of actually walking.

The rest of the day seemed to consist of meeting very cool people for food or drinks, interspersed with a nap. I didn’t manage to make it to any panels at all which is a shame because Wiscon has really good ones. I’m going to try to remedy that today. Speaking of which, I should head out and hit the con.

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2 thoughts on “Wiscon Day 2”

  1. I was just reminded to do my monthly scan of your blog when Heather mentioned you in a tweet. I find it so funny that you two know each other… I don’t know Heather through writing (or reading) so much as from working with her partner Al for two years in London! Small world huh? Of course, we then all had the mutual interest of good writing and the beloved genres… and beer.

    Hope you had a great con!

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