The trip home from WisCon

My flight was further delayed, but that was just fine. I sat down and this charming gentleman settled into the seat next to mine. I noticed that his reading material was Naomi Mitchison’s Travel Light, from Small Beer Press. Naturally, this merited comment, as it made it almost certain that he was also coming from WisCon.

Indeed. My seatmate was Ron Serdiuk from Pulp Fiction Press out of Australia. We knew so many people in common that it was almost comic that we hadn’t met before. The flight seemed almost too short, so we shared a cab into the city.

I must say, I was not expecting the flight home to be one of the highlights of the trip, but it was.

The next highlight happened at home. My beloved husband had picked up season three of Battlestar Galactica. And Chinese food. Mmm…

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8 thoughts on “The trip home from WisCon”

  1. You have the worst-best travel luck ever. Never a flight on time, never an airport without a new friend to bump into. How do you do it?!?

    Season three is great…

  2. Hello Mary! Glad you’re home safely. I managed the same, although I arrived to a house being packed up for a move. (Not the big one, but just down the street a little bit. I’m more confident than ever that the big move is going to happen, though. Thanks for your encouragement on it.) So there’s no rest here.

    I did want to pop over and say that it was great to meet you. I enjoyed our brief discussion and look forward to checking out your work in more depth – and in chatting again at future events!



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