Burn, baby, burn

Very burnt cookiesI like this recipe for cookies. What I don’t like is that my oven is running 200 degrees hotter than it should.

See those cookies that look like they are completely burned? That’s how much was left on the pan after I chiseled the rest away. I don’t use the word chisel, hyperbolically.

Nice, huh?

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9 thoughts on “Burn, baby, burn”

  1. I’ll stick with eating Keebler Chips Deluxe straight out of the bag like the philistine I am. I’m not very good with desserts in general.

    I wonder what could be wrong with your oven to make it do *that*.

  2. The sensor went out on my oven a while back, and I got this weird error message (with alarms), telling me that my over was suffering a “runaway temperature.” Apparently, the oven’s solution to this is to lock the door, turn itself off, and just sort of sit there denying anything ever happened.

  3. I burn cookies sometiems too, but my oven is not to blame. Lucky for me, my wife likes them a little well done. Though those might be beyond what she will eat. 🙂

    Funny thing is, my sister just called and said she keeps burning cookies too. Maybe she has the same problem.

  4. Perhaps it is an appropriate time
    for the COOKIE MOM-STER to mail a
    care package to Manhattan?

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