Cobbler, icecream and waiting for Rob

I’m up waiting for Rob to come home although there’s a chance that he won’t be home until tomorrow.

Confused? He was driving back tonight from California, after driving there yesterday to drop off grapes.  He thought he’d make it back by 12:30ish tonight but also thought he might stop and sleep instead. So, I’m waiting up to see if he calls to tell me he’s pulled over for the night.

Meanwhile, to pass the time, I’ve completed a short story, made a peach and apple cobbler, and made vanilla ice cream.  I believe the first two are successful. The third is a little… crunchy.  If I think of it as snow cream then it’s fine.  Note: lowfat milk doesn’t cut it for icecream.

On the other hand, the cobbler really wanted it and… this will tell you a lot about me. I was too lazy to walk back to the store to buy ice cream.  It’s okay. I see the crazy there.

Did I mention I finished a short story?

Edited to add: 12:45. He is home safely. Night all!

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4 thoughts on “Cobbler, icecream and waiting for Rob”

  1. Sounds like your cobbler is mixing the seasons perfectly- the last of the peaches and the first of the apples!

  2. Hi Mary,
    I’ve never heard of peach and apple cobbler before.
    Peach cobbler check, apple, yep, never mixed.
    Is it different to make than the usual one fruit kind?
    OK, I’ll come clean. Can I have the recipe?

    If it’s a problem don’t bother. I realize it’s an imposition on someone that has no idea who I am but I’m intrigued.
    Thanks either way
    Jeff S.

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