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WorldCon Wrapup

I arrived home from WorldCon last night, absolutely beat.  The convention was a great deal of fun, but the highlight for me is summed up in this photo. That’s me, at the Hugo Ceremony, presenting David Anthony Durham with the Campbell Tiara.  He wore it the rest of the evening and looks darn good in […]

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The Campbell Tiara

I’m in Montreal where I will hand over the Campbell Tiara to the newest winner of the Campbell Award for Best New Writer.  I’m seriously looking forward to it.  This year had a really strong field with David Anthony Durham, Aliette de Bodard, Tony Pi, Felix Gilman, and Gord Sellar. Any of them would look

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All quiet in France – Writing in a foreign language, or why I find it hard to discuss SF in French

Campbell nominee Aliette de Bodard has a fascinating extended blog post on what it’s like to write in a foreign language I could go on for a bit about the reasons I write in English (the main one being that SF and fantasy remain very much anglo-centred), but that’s not really the point of this

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Interview with Joe Abercrombie

Jon Armstrong has an interview with Joe Abercrombie. It’s a great chance to listen to two of my fellow Campbell Nominees. Joe Abercrombie is the author of an trilogy of epic fantasy novels based around the misadventures of the thinking man’s barbarian, Logen Ninefingers. Just a reminder, votes for the Hugos and the Campbell award

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I can haz Wikipedia entry.

I’ll know that I’ve arrived if the Wikipedia entry on me doesn’t get deleted for not being notable enough. I long to go in and add birthdate (February 8, 1969) and birthplace (Raleigh, N.C.) but the etiquette of wikiland say that I can’t add information about myself. Still, I’m not going to complain much or

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The Campbell Award

I have decided not to be embarrassed about admitting, straight out, that I want to be nominated for the Campbell Award. I mean, really, who wouldn’t? Do I think I stand any chance of winning? Ah ha! It is to laugh. I think it is far more likely that it will go to Scott Lynch

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