If You’re Just Joining Us — Interview by Jon Armstrong

It’s raining audio!

My fellow Campbell nominee, Jon Armstrong, interviewed me for his podcastIf You’re Just Joining Us.

if you’re just joining us is a podcast about books, culture, media, ideas, and cheese. You know, the important things.

Jon is a charming host, and I had a great time talking with him. ((If only my microphone wasn’t buzzing and I didn’t say “um” quite so often)) We mostly talked about puppets, with brief forays into writing. This is the first of a series he’s doing, interviewing the other nominees.

You should check out his book, Grey, which is a science-fiction novel filled with fashion intrigue, including competitive ironing. Squee!

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17 thoughts on “If You’re Just Joining Us — Interview by Jon Armstrong”

  1. You were fine. I don’t think you said “um” too much. At least I didn’t notice it. The Snow White story was particularly funny. I would have died laughing too.

    The Lanchpad workshop sounds really neat. Please post a very detailed account of that. I wish I was going!

  2. I think both you and Jon did a great job, and I don’t think I’d have actually paid much attention to any of your umms if you hadn’t mentioned them.

    Plus it was interesting enough that I actually listened to the whole interview, which I almost never do.

  3. You have a wonderful voice, Mary. 🙂

    I had the pleasure of reading ‘Grey’ a few months ago, back when it was first offered online in March. The story is thoroughly enjoyable. It was a pleasure to listen to you both.

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