The Campbell Award

I have decided not to be embarrassed about admitting, straight out, that I want to be nominated for the Campbell Award. I mean, really, who wouldn’t? Do I think I stand any chance of winning? Ah ha! It is to laugh.

I think it is far more likely that it will go to Scott Lynch or David Louis Edelman and I am grateful that there are five nomination slots so I don’t have to pick between them yet.

But this is my second and final year of eligibility and a nomination would be nice, you know? So, to make it easy to consider me, I’ve got links to my bibliography and online fiction over in the sidebar, but since the Hugos are coming up and I’m feeling shameless at the moment, I will list only my eligible 2007 publications here.

  • For Solo Cello Op. 12 – Cosmos Magazine
  • Horizontal Rain – Apex Online
  • This Little Pig – Cicada, January 2007
  • Locked In – Apex Digest #9
  • Death Comes But Twice – Talebones #35

And, in my last bit of shameless plugging… Shimmer for the Hugo semiprozine. Add Talebones, Sybil’s Garage or Apex Digest to the mix too, if you don’t mind.

And fan artist? Since Frank Wu doesn’t want to be in the running, consider Chrissy Ellsworth, Stephen Stanley, or Sandro Castelli.

Thank you for indulging my urge to just be blunt.

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5 thoughts on “The Campbell Award”

  1. Mary,

    I would love to see you pick up a nomination, if not a win. I think that would be fantastic for you.

    Right now I would be very surprised if Lynch doesn’t win. Out of the potential nominee pool, I’m not sure if anyone else has his sales and that means a greater chance of people having read his work…but I know the voters come from a very small pool so I’m not sure how to predict it because a small influx of MRK fans amongst the voters could swing the whole thing.

  2. Mary, I think you have an excellent chance to make the ballot.

    And truly, being nominated is a joyous and giddy experience, even when one hasn’t a prayer (as was my case).

    I’ll happily put your name in one of my ballot slots.

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