What should I talk about?

As the shows I’m working on wind down, and I get various project turned in, I’m seeing snippets of free time appear. I look at them somewhat askance, but I think I might see some more of them. Theater season does wind down in the summer. I think I’ll actually be able to catch up …

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MRK’s Wiscon Schedule

I’ll be going to my first WisCon and am extremely excited by the programming they offer. Here are just the panels that I’ll be on. Title: Beyond Illustration: The Process of Creating ‘Vision’ Saturday, 9:00-10:15 P.M. Caucus Much of SF/F art is illustrative, growing directly out of the writer’s vision. But some artists are doing …

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Death of a keyboard

My beloved folding keyboard, which I use with my palm pilot, died today. I clocked a lot of miles on it but it won’t talk to my palm anymore. Now, there is a chance that it’s actually the infrared sensor on my palm that’s kicked the bucket, but either way, I’m looking at replacing a …

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Word Perhect

For those days when you can’t find the right writing tool, why not tryWord Perhect?

Getting introduced to someone else’s agent

Jennifer Jackson is answering questions about agenting, on her LJ. And today she was talking about the role of net-working and conferences. It’s worth reading, but she basically says that all the net-working in the world won’t make a difference if the book isn’t good. Then she says: On the other hand, Elizabeth Bear introduced …

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