Horse and math question

Oh, my horsey friends, please double-check my book learning. I’m figuring that Character A will take about 2 and a half hours to cover four miles on a deer path through a heavily wooded area. She’s got about fifty very short characters with her, so isn’t walking at top speed. Returning, she’s mounted on a

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MRK’s Wiscon Schedule

I’ll be going to my first WisCon and am extremely excited by the programming they offer. Here are just the panels that I’ll be on. Title: Beyond Illustration: The Process of Creating ‘Vision’ Saturday, 9:00-10:15 P.M. Caucus Much of SF/F art is illustrative, growing directly out of the writer’s vision. But some artists are doing

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Death of a keyboard

My beloved folding keyboard, which I use with my palm pilot, died today. I clocked a lot of miles on it but it won’t talk to my palm anymore. Now, there is a chance that it’s actually the infrared sensor on my palm that’s kicked the bucket, but either way, I’m looking at replacing a

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