My prelimary WorldCon schedule

The planners of Denvention are really on their game. I’m not sure when I’ve known about my programming so far in advance. Granted, these are preliminary schedules, but here’s the list.

Schmoozing 101 – Wed 13:00

Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer – Wed 16:00

How to Give an Effective Reading – Workshop – Fri 10:00

I’ll also be doing the Strolling with the Stars one morning, but I don’t know which one yet.

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2 thoughts on “My prelimary WorldCon schedule”

  1. Just wondering, will Denvention have a live blogger or live ANYTHING at the awards ceremony? I don’t think I could go to sleep that night without knowing if Scalzi got the Hugo and you got the Campbell.

    Could we plant a live blogger, maybe? You can do LJ by phone text message these days…

    Oh, and also. First ninjas in my phone, then *samurai*…this is better than most anime, but holy schmoo, what’s next?!

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