Latest wordcount

20,331 words which is 41% of my goal. Whee. The last three nights I’ve gone to Hresso to write. Getting out of the apartment makes it easier to focus on writing instead of tending to household chores. On the other hand, that means that it takes longer to get my laundry finished. But my novel […]

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Latest Word Count

I’m very proud of myself. I spent yesterday writing, with time off for good behaivor to run some errands, and reached 12,519 words last night, which means I’m a quarter of the way through my goal. I also talked with Fanney, who is a local NaNoWriMo participant. I think it is possible that we have

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NaNoWriMo update

I fell way behind in my writing goal yesterday. I only managed to get 568 words written, but I do have an opportunity to name drop. Although this will only be impressive you have children the right age. I met Steve from Blue’s Clues. He’s a friend of Jonathon (our director) and came out to

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National Novel Writing Month

I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year long before I was scheduled to come to Iceland. Like a crazy woman, I’ve decided to go ahead and try it even though Rob is coming out to visit me for 20 of the thirty-one days available this month for writing. I’ll have to

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A day of rest

Today technically started at 1 a.m. with a phone call from Jodi saying that he and Sam were locked out of their apartment. (I was still up writing, so they didn’t wake me.) Anyway, they came over and crashed in my living room, on the giant sectional sofa, which is clearly a refuge from the

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