Tiger Cat

Tech week is proceeding apace. Nearly out of the woods. Speaking of woods, here’s more canned content. One of the interesting things about moving is that one finds all sorts of things, like, say, a short story from 1978. I was nine years old. Here is an excerpt with the original spelling and punctuation. It’s

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Fire in space

For a story I’m writing, I needed to know what kind of fire extinguisher would be on a space ship. Which lead to this NASA article about fires in space. It’s chock-full of interesting things, such as: In microgravity, there is no buoyancy, so instead of a tall yellow flame on a candle, for example,

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Repetative Dialogue

((Spotted at Genevieve Valentine’s)) You know you’ve read scenes exactly like this which were written in earnest. Cut the repetition and don’t say the obvious. Unless you are Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry, in which case you are fintastically fintastic.

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May I recommend a story?

They just posted the works whose eligibility for next year’s Nebulas expires at the end of January. I noticed that Cat Rambo’s story, “Foam on Water” published in Strange Horizons, has seven recommendations. I loved this and recommended it a while ago. The story only lacks three recommendations to be on next year’s preliminary ballot.

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Blurbs and context

When we get reviewed in the theater, there’s always a moment of scanning the review looking for the pull quote. We’ve got to have something we can plaster on brochure’s and flyers. It is always tempting to pull something out of context like pulling, “Amazing!” out of “It’s amazing that anyone came back after intermission.”

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Nebulas: Almost a meme

All the good SFWA boys and girls seem to have dutifully posted about the pending close of the Nebula preliminary ballot on December 31. On the off-chance that you are a SFWA active member and haven’t recommended any fiction yet, I would like to recommend a simple strategy. My opinion on the Nebulas is that

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About volunteering for SFWA

Those of you who aren’t interested in the politics of Science-Fiction and Fantasy can skip this post. For the rest of you, I have some explaining to do. I’ve volunteered to help SFWA by chairing the Service to SFWA committee, which has been revamped to recruit, retain and reward volunteers. Any service organization, like SFWA,

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