A Discussion About Audiobook Narration with Wil Wheaton and Mary Robinette Kowal

An Interview with Wil Wheaton about Audiobook Narration, Writing, and Acting

I recently had a chance to sit down with the wonderful Wil Wheaton in an interview put together by Audible. Wil and I had a fantastic time talking about audiobook narration, writing, and acting. You may listen to the interview in its entirety here: Timestamps 0:00 – Introductions for Mary Robinette Kowal and Wil Wheaton

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The storage locker

We spent a good chunk of yesterday and today emptying out our storage locker here in Portland and ferrying things down to McMinnville where a friend has a ginormous locker that he’s letting us put things in. Free! It was really bizarre looking through the locker as we’d forgotten what a lot of the contents

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A varied day

Today was one of those days that looked like I had nothing on the calendar and then I was out of the apartment all day. I started with breakfast and tea with a friend, then trotted off to the Puppet Kitchen to show some of the saw players I met this weekend around. From there

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At Wiscon, Day 1

01:06 You know… just once, I would like to go to a con without pulling an all-nighter at the theater. See you at Wiscon tomorrow? # 04:31 I’m waiting for the bus to the airport. Have I been to bed? Does a 20 minute nap count? # 04:38 Today’s shopping list consists of ginger ale,

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Writing Retreat Day 3

I was a little distracted today but still managed to wrap up a story and edit another. At one point, to keep from checking my email every two minutes, I headed into the kitchen to start cooking and made some Deep, Dark Chocolate cookies. Gluten free, I’ll have you note. We all trouped out to

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MacBeth = finished

I spent the afternoon and much of the evening with Michael Schupbach, the puppet designer for MacBeth, as we did last touches on the puppets. I am pleased to say that, barring disaster, we are finished. We went out for dinner afterwards and a much-deserved beer. I think both of us felt like we’d been

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Ralan.com fundraiser

SF writer, Rick Novy, pointed out that Ralan is having a fundraiser and has only raised 14% of his goal, half-way through the drive. Come on folks, we can do better than that. We all use Ralan.com because he has pretty much every market listed. Rick suggests: 1) Make a 10 euro donation (the paypal

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