Mark your calendars: Reading at KGB

I’ll be joining M.M. DeVoe and Matt McHugh as we read stories from The First Line at KGB

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the literary magazine “The First Line” — where all stories in an issue begin with same opening line — presents an evening with some of its favorite writers. Three authors will read select work from the new anthology, “The Best of The First Line: Editors’ Picks 2002-2006,” and share some insights on writing for this unique quarterly.

Pass the word and come hear us on July 24th at 7pm.

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5 thoughts on “Mark your calendars: Reading at KGB”

  1. Is that first line: “He awoke and wondered why he was plastered head to toe in nothing but sliced watermelon and gravy – TWENTY FOUR HOURS EARLIER:”

    (probably not, but one can hope. Man, I wish I lived in New York again. You’re always off to cool stuff!)

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