13 thoughts on “So You Want to Write a Novel, an amusing and frightening video”

  1. O dear lord… I know both of these people. In fact I know them and their clones. I think this was a dinner conversation last week. *headdesk* indeed.

  2. I love this. In the very beginning I may have thought the same way and been naïve, but while working on my novel I have researched and read everything I can and have learned so much. It’s great to see this put so bluntly!

  3. Loved it! I’m not a writer but I do like to read. I have a lot of respect for authors, because I find the profession rather daunting and prestigious. I think it’s an accomplishment just to finish writing a book, even if it never get’s published. I may not like every book I read, but I certainly admire the work it took to produce it. 🙂

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