USB Typewriter for the win!

This USB typewriter is just brilliant. The fact that it can also function as a typewriter so that if you want to write on paper and then have a computer copy is a beautiful thing. Thanks to Jon Freestone for sending a link to this beauty my way.

Funny and Painful music video about book signings

This is very funny and painful and my big fear. So, um, there’s a list of dates of my book tour, plus other sightings, over in the left sidebar. Come see me? Also, I am totally going to see Parnell Hall the next time he’s on tour.

Buster Keaton

In comments on another subject entirely, Samantha Henderson reminded me of how awesome Buster Keaton is.  Just in case, you don’t know already, here…

Home from Orlando

I’m home from Orlando although I desperately wanted to stay longer. While I pack boxes for the Big Move, here’s another of my favorites from the Handmade Puppet Dreams series. The Whole World and You by Tally Hall, directed by Frankie Cordero

Videos of Maggie

Thank you all for your thoughts today. They were greatly, greatly appreciated. Rob was able to come in and we spent some time with Maggie before we had her put to sleep. We were sitting on a couch with her in Rob’s lap, so she definitely knew she was loved. Laptime was her favorite thing. …

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