Look at this incredibly cute giant predator!

This polar bear is so adorable that it’s easy to forget he could rip my head off without thinking.  How cute is he? That’s Willie, from the North Carolina zoo. He used to be in a circus under very poor conditions but was rescued and lives at the zoo now.

He’s still apparently a bit of a ham as you can see from this video. Also, note the scale. That’s a really, really big bear.

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2 thoughts on “Look at this incredibly cute giant predator!”

  1. You may also enjoy the polar bears at the Oregon Zoo. We got to go behind the scenes some years back and they definitely compete well in the ripping-your-head-off capacity.

  2. Willie was eating candy bars and peanutbutter crackers when he was rescued. The NC Zoo has slowly taught him to enjoy a diet more normal for his kind. I met him when he was off-exhibit with a fungal infection brought on by his poor treatment at the circus. The NC Zoo’s vets have done a wonderful job of rehabilitating Willie into a healthier, happier bear.

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