Apex Fundraiser

Here’s another way you can support Apex Digest. There’s old-fashioned raffle with amazing prizes at You can buy a ticket to put your name in the hat to win autographed copies of books, art, video and other strange goodies. Tickets are a dollar each. That’s nothing, right? You can afford that. On Friday, September …

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The Bootey

Here be this pirate video from Lazytown. This be what they were filmin’ me first day o’ the set last year. Arrr! Ye might also enjoy watchin’ Aye, Robot An’ fer the comic fans, here be a page o’ pirate comics.

Hand dancing

I love the music video we are shooting today, which is a good thing, considering how many times we have to listen to it. We did some fun choreography with live hands, pretty complicated stuff involving two puppets and an actor, but we had time to practise it and nailed it in two takes. We …

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The Golden Circle

Today we drove up to Þingvellir (pronounced Thingvetleer) to see the Oxráfoss and the place where the North American and European continental plates are separating. On this excursion Emily came with us and she and Eve were appropriately astounded. We continued our tour by heading through the land of a thousand potholes to go to …

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Back in the saddle

I did Ziggy’s drumming for the rest of the afternoon. For the wide shots Þor thought my energy was better, and I didn´t pull down on him as much as Rikki did. Whew. He did a great job, but I was feeling a little misplaced. We finished shooting all the music videos for this episode …

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I am not a drummer

Today we did three music videos in which Ziggy had to drum. I have discovered that I am an inept drummer. I suck. Badly. I can make it look like he’s drumming, but can’t actually do that and stay on the beat. It is infuriating. Especially when someone who can keep a different beat in …

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The house is moving!

Of course they set their truck on fire first, but the house is about to roll! I don’t know if this will work, but you can try downloading a short clip of the house rolling.

The Goldens

This evening we went to hear a group called The Goldens play at an opening for a furniture store. You might recognize the handsome man with the fiddle as my father. The other men are some of his picking buddies. He played the saw too, but I didn’t get a photo of that. Apparently one …

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Still busy

Today has still been busy, but it’s been a little slower than yesterday. So I got to watch two of the episodes that I haven’t seen yet. I worked on both, but they finished post production after we left. Ziggy’s Alien is fun, but I love the music video in Secret Agent Zero.

Music Video

Rob came in to work with me today and is spending most of the day in the Hudson room while I work on the music video for this episode. It’s a song for Stingy called “I am the Prince” and it’s a rip on a Britney Spears song. Very funny. So that means that I …

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Music Video

While I did plenty of work today, the thing I had the most fun with was Bessie’s music video, Secret Agent Man. Lots of dancing and Bond moves with the arms. It was fun, but I’m exhausted. These shots always seem to happen after massage. Why can’t they happen before massage?

Shoe Tytus 6000

When the episode Remote Control finally airs, I am the Shoe Tytus 6000. It’s a shoe tying machine that the character Pixel invented to tie his shoes. In order to work it, I lay on my back under the floor of the set, wedged up into the puppet by a series of apple boxes. Once …

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The ingenue is ill.

Today we’re shooting the music video for this episode, so I was on set all morning assisting. The afternoon looks like it will be very different, because one of the cast members is sick. She worked the morning, but I think they’ve sent her home for the afternoon. Speaking of home, this is the apartment …

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