Arms and Chin

Today was a good day. The weather cooperated so I was able to finish fiberglassing the bear’s chin. And behold! A video to prove it.

While the fiberglass was kicking, I worked on the bear’s arms. It took me a little while to figure out exactly how I wanted the gusset under the arm to be, but I’m very, very pleased with the results. I completely assembled the left arm, with boning, and pinned it to the body. The movement is wonderful. I’m delighted. The right arm has all of the bone tubing in place, so I just have to slid the boning in tomorrow. I’ll attach both arms, which will need hand-stitching and take some photos.

Next up, the pelvis.

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11 thoughts on “Arms and Chin”

  1. I really think you’re on to something here.. that snappy music had me thinking fiberglassing was more fun than the Lindy! The humorous titles break up the “action” just enough. It’s true though,, it really doesn’t look like much…

  2. Ah! My nefarious Tom Sawyer plot is working, or would be if any of you were close enough to fiberglass for me. “Go swimming? Nah, I’d rather stay here with this respirator on and fiberglass. Just listen to this snappy music! It’s much more fun than a stupid old natural hot spring.”

  3. The video was pretty darn good. Only once did I notice that your hand was hiding the action. Also I’m impressed with how you made the video finish with the music. The titles are a really nice touch.

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