An American Marionette Story

Rolande Duprey documents the process of repairing an historic marionette. It’s fascinating and with beautiful photos. Paul McPharlin, sometimes called “the Father of American Puppetry” built a marionette covered wagon with a team of two horses and a driver for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair “A Century of Progress”. Many years later, the horses and …

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Downtown Artists Unite for China’s Earthquake Victims and UNICEF

New York – The Players Theatre will host Hands together: New York Artists Gather for China Earthquake Relief to Benefit UNICEF presented by Matrix Music Collaborators on June 14, 2008, 3pm, 115 MacDougal Street (between W3rd and Minetta Lane) in Greenwich Village, New York. Admission is $45 / Package of Four for $125. All proceeds …

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Peter and the Wolf, returns

Details will follow, but I want to give as much warning as possible. Saturday, June 14th we’re doing Peter and the Wolf as part of a festival called: Hands Together: New York Artists Gather for China Earthquake Relief. We are working with UNICEF and have some great guests coming in such as Pan Asian Rep.

Dancing Brains

This is a viral ad. Why am I showing it to you? It uses Brains, one of the characters from the Thunderbirds, and combines puppetry, CGI and motion capture to good effect. What I love about it is that, though are a few things that a marionette can’t do, ((The very fast spins, in particular, …

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Peter and the Wolf demo

Remember when I was talking about working Peter? Deb Hertzberg, one of the other puppeteers on the show, took a short video backstage so you can see what I was talking about.

Puppets educate farmers about nuclear attack?

See, marionettes are so useful for education. After that educational film, do you feel ready to stack haybales to protect your livestock from nuclear attack? Spotted at Bubble Boy Blog

Bunny delivery system

We thought we had the the system solved to deliver the donut “magically” to the middle of the stage. Alas, using a foam bunny as our test subject ((before carving it into a donut)) we discovered that the foam caught on even the tiniest bit of friction. When the friction released, the bunny shot into …

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Brain closure

We had our first two Peter and the Wolf performances today. I was going to write a lovely post about the differences between a school crowd and a family crowd but I think my brain just shut down.

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