Working with live musicians

The live musicians came in today, which was fantastic. Yuri, the violinist paired with the Peter character, is funny and immensely talented. Initially she looked a little nervous, when we described the way Peter would be running in circles around her and said, “Be careful.” “Don’t worry. I played.” ((Seventeen years)) She immediately relaxed. “Okay. …

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On sockpuppets

The intarwebs use the word sockpuppet to mean someone who has created a character for the purpose of supporting his or her arguments by pretending to be someone else. Let’s take a look at that term, shall we? Most puppets fall into five basic categories broken down by the method in which they are manipulated. …

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Barging into the head

Names redacted for protection. M.S. was trying to get Barge into a tight corner inside the head on which he and E.D. were working. E.D. said, “Why don’t you glove up, squirt it onto your finger, and apply?” M.S. replied, “This might be a little cold.” And people wonder why puppeteers have so much fun.

Cookie Monster on NPR

PuppetVision Blog pointed out that Cookie Monster was on NPR yesterday. There’s a long tradition of puppet characters appearing on radio, but we are lucky that the wise folk at NPR also made a short video of Cookie answering the famous Proust Questionnaire. You can listen to the whole interview at the same link. “C” …

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The Odyssey Experience

I’m designing props and masks for The Odyssey Experience for McCarter Theatre’s education department. Here are the drawings I’m sending up to them for review. The idea is that rather than masks, each character has a helm which they wear, to signify which character they are. Athena has her classic helm, which I want to …

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1852 Article on Puppetry

This article covers so many of the things I geek out on. Old books? Check. This issue of The Gentleman’s Magazine came out in 1852. Puppets? Check. MADAME DE PUYSIEUX was a witty and vivacious lady. Among her recorded sayings is one that exceedingly well suits us for the nonce. “I would rather,” she said, …

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The harpy strikes again

I was at the puppet studio with Emily until 3:30 a.m. I spent almost the entire time just dealing with harpy wings. Too tired to explain why now.

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