Building a Springer Spaniel

Today was largely uneventful.  I picked up a check so I could start building the springer spaniel I need to make for a show.  I’ll tell you, standing around on the sidewalk with the artistic director and having a conversation about how much blood you want the dog to have on it and how it should twitch when it gets shot is… well, even in NYC I felt a little exposed.

Mostly I felt sorry for the two dachsunds tied up next to us.  Everytime we mimicked the sort of yelp the dog should give in the show, the dachsunds looked panicked.

Now I’m trying to prep my office so it’s ready for the build.  I won’t be able to really work on it until I come back from Readercon because I have to wait for the skull to arrive.

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1 thought on “Building a Springer Spaniel”

  1. It would have been even more interesting if the dog owners showed up and were listening in to your conversation and not knowing you were talking about a puppet.

    The dog is going to get shot? That sounds like it would be hard to mimic. I look forward to more posts on how this is done!

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