Said at work

So one of my favorite things on twitter is to tweet exactly what I’m doing, without giving any context. Usually this is something that I just said at work. So… for the people who have forgotten that I’m a puppeteer, here are a sampling of things said at work. What we said. Do you know […]

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Refurbishing a table

For the film shoot last week I needed furniture to represent ten different scenic locations, all shot on greenscreen. Besides dealing with the usual greenscreen parameter of avoiding reflective surfaces I also had a fairly tight budget. This meant that some of the rental furniture I picked up wasn’t in stellar condition. You’ll notice that

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Gruelling week

I signed up to do props for a film this week. It was only two days of work and looked like a fairly light load.  I did a half day on Tuesday lining up furniture and planned another half day on Wednesday to pick up the hand props.  Unfortunately, things imploded when the verbal bid

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The Property-man in Vaudeville

Well worth reading for the view of theater in the early 1900s. (from The vaudeville theatre, building, operation, management, by Edward Renton, 1918) “Resourcefulness” should be the middle name of the individual who is competent to occupy the position of property-man in a theatre. There are other important qualifications, but this one is essential. He

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Faux woodgrain on chairs

For the show, Night Sky, I was brought into the project very late, after the original propmaster had to depart. We had a tight budget and very little time to find furniture, which meant that I was shopping for shape, knowing that I could adjust the color later. The designer was very particular about wanting

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Short bits for today

Sorry for another day of twitter only. It was long and it’s late and I’m tired. 01:04 I’m at home after a day running around at the theater. # 14:29 I think I’ve done the last of the paperwork props for this show. Now to make the music of the spheres device. # 18:11 I

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Time? Who needs that.

Somehow the two weeks that I had off turned into rehearsing for two shows, doing props for a third and finishing an essay, a short story and the SFWA website.  Oh yeah, and I have a novel to write. Clearly, my time management involves the need for a TARDIS. And yet I don’t have one.

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When Actors Eat and Drink Upon the Stage; Variable Quality of Theatric… – Article Preview – The New York Times

While researching champagne for stage, I stumbled across this 1906 article from the NY Times.  It’s a fun read if you’re a theater geek like me. EATING and drinking on the stage,” remarked the chronic theatregoer the other night, “always bores me when I have dined well and tantalizes me when I haven’t; but whenever

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Crows, Almost Q and Slumdog

I had to work this morning, doing the usual stuff. Making stone angel wings from cardboard, ordering 1000 toothbrushes, macheing crows and the like. So Peter was on his own for a couple of hours. I picked him up in the evening and we went to dinner at Henry’s then downtown to see Avenue Q.

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Explaining entrails

My newest gig is doing props and “specialty items” for a play up at Barnard College.  The specialty items consist of a series of crow puppets and a box of entrails.  When the director called me, she said, “So, do you have any ideas on how we can make a box of entrails? [1. side

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