Explaining entrails

My newest gig is doing props and “specialty items” for a play up at Barnard College.  The specialty items consist of a series of crow puppets and a box of entrails.  When the director called me, she said, “So, do you have any ideas on how we can make a box of entrails? [1. side note: I just realized that I already had a tag for intestines. There’s something vaguely wrong about that.]

“Yeah.” I continued to fold laundry as we chatted,because this was pretty simple stuff.  “A box of unlubricated condoms, KY jelly, food coloring, saran wrap and a little stage blood.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone and then she said, “Oh. I thought this would be a longer conversation.”  Another beat of silence. “I take it you’ve done entrails?”

“Oh, yeah.” I tucked the last pair of socks into the drawer.  “Had to do a disemboweling for a show.  Fun stuff.”

The crows now.  That’s going  to be  a much longer conversation.

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9 thoughts on “Explaining entrails”

      1. We’re a rock magazine, so basically anything we can get away with (we’ve probably done numerous zombie-like–myself included– pictorials).

        We’ve been trying for the past few years to conduct a photo shoot at a butcher shop but unfortunately due to sanitation reasons (on the side of the butcher shops), we haven’t been able to do so.

  1. I love my alma mater. Were you talking to Amy Trompetter?

    Also, fond memories of making a bag of *edible* intestines for The Skriker: corn syrup, food coloring, orange slices, lasagna noodles. Out of curiosity, how would you do edible?

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